Marina Kalogirou TOO LATE TOMMOROW

Marina Kalogirou TOO LATE TOMMOROW
AKA Avrio tha ‘nai arga (2002)

A very natural and explicit sex scene from the Greek movie ..!!

Sometimes I can go days without finding a truly arousing and original erotic video, but today was my lucky day! I stumbled upon this Greek movie called Too Late Tomorrow (“Avrio tha ‘nai arga”) by documentary filmmaker Laya Yourgou.

The movie revolves around three characters. Antonis (Alexis Georgoulis) is given a two-day leave from prison to attend a funeral. He will meet Olia (Marina Kalogirou) and, along with his younger brother Sifis (Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos), they will go on a sexy adventure, sleeping where they can and trying to make money doing various jobs.

What I like about this scene is, first, that it’s really natural. When I read the synopsis, after watching the scene, I didn’t expect that Olia was a prostitute. She and Antonis have so much chemistry and complicity together that I thought they were a couple. So, it definitely gave it an exciting twist.

Also, both actors are gorgeous. Marina Kalogirou is also a Dancer, and Alexis Georgoulis co-starred with Richard Dreyfus in the movie My Life In Ruins, produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.

I also love that it’s explicit. In most mainstream movies, the actors are magically wearing underwear after sex and they also fuck under the blankets. This scene looks completely genuine and it makes it very accessible and arousing!

Writen by Lucie Blush


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